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Buying our house was all positive.

by Thomas Carpenter (Vendor) 23/02/2016

We had been told about Keystones Properties from our daughter who had first used them to rent her house. We had two houses, one of which we decided to rent, and so we tried Keystones. We successfully rented very quickly. Then, after a while we decided that we would sell both of our houses and buy just one. Again we used Keystones for the selling and buying of the properties. One sold fairly easily but the other had problems because the people that were buying had undeclared problems. Keystones we the only positive light at a very dark time. They helped us through the problems doing fair telephoning and chasing people up then we thought was in their remit. Buying our house was all positive. They were brilliant. Keystones did far more work then any of the other estate agents involved in our sales and purchasing process. Our solicitors were amazed at Keystones fees and no estate agent could compete. Basically, I can not speak highly enough of them.

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